About Us:

If you're like us, you love to hear about juicy stories of political corruption, corporate cover-ups, and general scandalous behavior. But merely hearing these stories of scandal isn't enough, you want to discuss why they happened, how these things can continue to happen, and maybe even think about how to prevent them in the future.

We noticed that in our day to day lives, scandals are abundant. We see salacious stories on social media, the news, and tabloids, but rarely do we dive any deeper to get the full picture of what happened, or try to understand what they say about us as a society. That's where Scandalous Behavior comes in; we decided to start a podcast where we can dive into these outrageous actions, open a dialogue about why people do what they do, and maybe even have a few laughs in between.

Each week your scandalous storyteller and co-host Lyla Foley will pick a scandal and tell her co-host Kristen Hueck all the juicy details she can handle. They'll discuss their opinions on the topic, and Kristen will give you a little blast of history on the issue. They'll curse, they'll make bad jokes, and they'll probably get pretty tipsy off mimosas by the end - with scandals like these, can you blame them?