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Love & Chemical Poisoning

Season one has come to an end, which means going out with a bang! In this Scandalous Behavior finale, Lyla brings her love to one of the most famous environmental scandals of our time and Kristen goes silent for the season.

Murder, Lies & Leggings

Pull up a chair and put on your comfy pants...then immediately take them off because we're having a pantless party! Join us this week as Lyla uncovers a slew of Lulu scandals, while Kristen scales the pyramid of LuLaRoe.

Oakland PD & Lodi Lou

There's no place like home....town scandals. Today, Lyla digs into the Oakland police department and their recent cover-up scandal while Kristen makes Lodi an offer it can't refuse.

GM recall & the public transit fall

This week we take a ride on the wild side. Lyla digs into GM's recent recall scandal as Kristen hops on the 1920s conspiracy trolly.

Boy band jams & blimp scams

Booyah, daddy-O! The 90s have taken over as Kristen discusses one of the biggest scandals in pop history and Lyla takes us back to the 50s with the king of pop himself.

K-Pop Shock & Burning Sun

An entertainment and sex scandal is currently rocking the K-pop industry. We discuss who's involved, how these crimes have been covered up until now, and why this may only be the tip of the iceberg.

Marky Mark & Facing the Muzak

This week we take a privacy personality quiz with the king of Facebook himself! Lyla's mining the Cambridge Analytica scandal for all its juicy details and Kristen is going on a ride with some not-so-groovy tunes.

Newport Macaroni & Sleaze

Scandalous Behavior gets festive in celebration of Pride Month! In this episode, we breakdown the Newport Sex Scandal and the illicit activities used to target a community of Navy men in 1919. We then throw it back to the 1700s to discuss the first-ever public trial of homosexuality in Europe and how some unusual terminology made its way to America.

Meningitis & Cupcake Compounding

Scandalous Behavior is back with another episode of intrigue and infuriation. Today's story focuses on the New England Compounding Center and their involvement with a meningitis outbreak that caused catastrophe across the US in 2012.

Varsity Blues & Leo Quaaludes

In this inaugural episode of Scandalous Behavior, we discuss Operation Varsity Blues, a criminal conspiracy to bribe and influence prominent members of college universities.