Meningitis & Cupcake Compounding

Scandalous Behavior is back with another episode of intrigue and infuriation. Today's story focuses on the New England Compounding Center and their involvement with a meningitis outbreak that caused catastrophe across the US in 2012.

The NECC Scandal started off innocently with a lack of oversight and an increased focus on workplace efficiency, but it soon became an event that rocked the medical world and caused political involvement from the CDC, FDA, and over 400+ lawsuit filings. In this episode, we also discuss the history of departments like the FDA and how a milk-wagon horse named Jim was a building block for many of the laws in place today. 

Special thanks to The Beths for the use of their song "Uptown Girl" off their album Future Me Hates Me. And a big thank you to Reilly Gardine for designing our album artwork. 
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